January 28, 2018 Series: Acts - Click sermon title for sermon notes

Topic: Church Life Passage: Acts 16–18

New Territory - Continue the Conversation (Acts 16-18)

Use these questions with others to apply today’s sermon:

  1. How did the Lord open your heart to the Gospel?
  2. What people or circumstances did He use to make you receptive to the message of Jesus?
  3. Who are you in relationship with that does not yet have a faith in Christ?
  4. How do the stories of Lydia and the jailer in Acts 16 help you to pray for them?
  5. Are you like Paul, feeling stuck and at land’s end? Could your frustration actually be the Lord preparing you for a new next chapter? Re-read Acts 16:7-12. Pray about your own situation.
  6. Paul did not change the core message of the Gospel, but he did change his approach depending on the type of people and culture he was in. Do you need to consider adjusting how you approach sharing Christ with certain people in light of their backgrounds and culture?


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