You Think You’ve Got Trouble?

October 29, 2017 Series: Acts - Click sermon title for sermon notes

Topic: Relationships Passage: Acts 4:1–6:15

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  1. Conflicts – how are you responding to conflict in your life?

    Are you focused on right and wrong?

    Are you avoiding it, but keeping score or complaining to others about it?

    Are you focused on getting even?

    Are you seeking to restore relationship by understanding in order to and resolve the conflict?

  2. Is your advice helping or harming conflict that others have…

    Are you taking sides or pointing them to resolve it and restore relationship?

  3. Check yourself – has your own faith become routine like those who accused Stephen?

    Is your faith centered on going to church and knowing Bible content? or

    Is your faith centered in relationship with Jesus and sharing his gospel with others?

    Talk about examples from your own life.

  4. Troubles are part of life –God as bigger, and wants to use troubles to glorify Himself. How does this change your attitude toward unwanted troubles in your own life?...

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