Life Together

October 15, 2017 Series: Acts - Click sermon title for sermon notes

Topic: Church Life Passage: Acts 4:32–5:16

  1. Who has been a Barnabas (encourager) in your life?

    To whom are you, or will you be, a Barnabas?

  2. Ananias was a hypocrite—he wanted to “appear” a good Christian...he wanted the approval of people.

    Is there an area of your own life that is like Ananias? Talk about it…pray about it...confess and step away from it!

  3. Talk with others about he difference between being a “believer” rather than a “follower”. Pastor Paul noted a “believer” looks to God to meet their needs, while a “follower” is letting the Lord be in charge of their living.

    Examine your own life — are you more “believer” or “follower”?

    Is there any specific change you need to make?

  4. Christians grow in relationship, not in isolation.
    How are you involved in “relationship” with other Christians...or are you isolated or merely in surface relationship?

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