A Thermometer For Parents

July 30, 2017 Series: Ephesians - Click sermon title for sermon notes

Topic: Family Passage: Ephesians 6:1–6:4

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  1. Describe your upbringing and how your parents did parenting…

    What was positive?..
    What was missing or you wish had been different?

  2. Parents…talk together about each of these applications:

    How do we spend “time with” (discipline is ‘being with the child’)…give examples
    Look back over the last 2 weeks, beyond the issue of the moment…. How was this – or could have been – a teachable moment about life and about the Lord?
    Are we provoking our kids to anger, either imploding or exploding?  If so, what adjustments can we make about “how” we are approaching our kids?...
    Is our parenting influenced by what others will think of us?

  3. Role models:

    Who are your role models who are further down the parenting road than you?
    Do you need to seek a mentor…what step will you take?
    Could you become a mentor or replacement father/grandfather to someone else?...what step will you take?

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