Turn On The Light

July 16, 2017 Speaker: Series: Ephesians - Click sermon title for sermon notes

Topic: Spiritual Growth Passage: Ephesians 5:1–5:21

Use these questions with others to apply this sermon:

  1. What are some practical ways you can keep your focus on God (imitate Him) and get your eyes off yourself or others?

  2. Write out a definition of love based on Ephesians 5:2. How does this definition change the way you think about God and how you love others?

  3. When confronted with sinful behavior in your own life or in the life of others how do you respond? Why is it so important that this sinfulness is exposed (v. 6, 7)? How does God’s grace apply to sinfulness in our life and in others (v. 14)?

  4. Make a list of the practical ways verses 15-20 leads us to a grace-filled and God focused life in Christ. How will you apply these to your life?

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