March Recap

March 15, 2017 Series: You Have Heard It Said

Topic: Spiritual Growth Passage: Ephesians 5:1–5:11

You Have Heard It Said:

Lust/Adultery & Anger/Murder Review

Last week we looked at Matthew 5:21-26 where Jesus addresses the idea of anger/murder. Jesus is seeking to radically shift our views of God, sin, and ourselves in the Sermon on the Mount. Tom shared with us that we desperately need Jesus to save us from ourselves and our sin! When we believe in Christ, we are forgiven and changed (Eph. 2:1-10)! Our faith in Jesus bears real weight on how we live. Study the passage (Eph. 5:1-11) to grab a better sense of this. 

  • Take the time to read, and re-read, this passage out loud.
  • Pray! Ask God to help you truly understand what this passage means.
  • Keep in mind that Ephesians was written as a letter from the Apostle Paul to a church in Ephesus. Paul spends a lot of time talking about the reality of Jesus and how believing in him changes us. Ephesians 5 is an outflow of that truth.
  • Use the questions below as a guide as you study and learn.
Observation (What do you see in the passage?)
  1. How does Paul describe the church in v. 1?
  2. What does v. 2 say about Jesus and us?
  3. What “sins” does Paul lay out that are “not to be named among the saints?”
  4. What is the “warning” we see in vv.5-6?
  5. What is Paul saying about the church’s identity in vv.8-11?
Interpretation (What does the passage mean?)
  1. How do vv. 1-2 shape and bear weight on the commands in vv.3-11? (*Hint* God’s grace to us through Jesus changes us how?)
  2. Why do you believe Paul lists the sins he does in this passage?
  3. V. 6 touches on Tom’s words last week. That is, we tend to think that God takes sin lightly.
  4. What do vv. 5-6 really say about God’s view of sin? How should we view sin?
  5. What do you think it means to have once been in darkness but now in the light (v. 8-9)?
  1. What stuck out to you the most in this passage?
  2. What was difficult for you to understand?
  3. What does this passage say about God?
  4. What does this passage say about us?
  5. How is God calling us to change?
  6. What will you take away from tonight’s study?

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