Life With Jesus

May 22, 2016 Speaker:

Topic: Jesus Christ Passage: John 15:1–15:17


The Bible is full of garden/farming metaphors. From the first Chapters (Genesis 1-2) to the final chapter (Revelation 22:2) we see the work of God (metaphorically) taking place in the garden. God refers to His people Israel as a vineyard that He loves (Isaiah 5). Why is this metaphor so powerful? How are our lives affected by gardens/agriculture/parks? Do you find a longing in your life for green spaces/gardens? Describe the ideal garden/park?

Re-Read the text: John 15:1-17

Life with Jesus makes love possible

To Live with Jesus is to be vitally connected with Him (v.1-4)
  1. What is the significance of God’s pruning for bearing fruit (v.2)?
  2. What is the significance of the “Word” spoken? What does it mean to listen to Jesus (v.3)?
  3. What does it mean to abide (live with) with someone?
  4. What is the significance of being with Jesus (v.4)? How do you “remain in Him” in a practical way?
To live with Jesus means we must receive His love (v.5-11)
  1. His love provides power v.5.
  2. His love provides trust v.7
  3. His love provides glory v.8
  4. His love provides obedience v.10
  5. His love provides joy v.11

Why is it hard to receive His love? What is our responsibility (response) in receiving His love? Why must we receive before we can give?

Love is laying down our lives for the Glory of God (v.12-16)
  1. What is Jesus' definition of love (v.12-13)?
  2. What kind of friendship do we have with Jesus (v.14)? What is the tension between obedience and friendship with Jesus (v.15)?
  3. Why is it important that Jesus chooses us (v.16)? What is the significance of the promise that he will give us whatever we ask in His name (v.16)?

Love is one of the most important ideas in the Bible for our relationship with God and others. How is our cultures view of love different from the Biblical idea?

Share stories with your group of times you have experienced love? What was the result of these experiences?