My Father’s House

May 15, 2016

Topic: Jesus Christ Passage: John 14:1–14:14


Talk to the group about your house (owned or rented; yours or your parents) and your experiences with maintenance. What is falling apart…what you enjoy doing…what you hate…what you need to hire out…etc. (Have some fun with this…)

Re-read the text: John 14:1-11
Our Father’s House is a home free of trouble. (v. 1)
  1. Ever had bugs in your home? Describe. Can you correlate this with “Let not your hearts be troubled.”
  2. Recall the context and what Jesus and the disciples had just been experiencing. See why Jesus said what He said?
  3. What’s most troubling to you? What is “stealing your peace”? What will help you believe/trust?
  4. Would this be a good time to stop and pray for each other and the “troubles” we’re facing?
  5. What would help us all “stay in our Father’s house” when trouble surrounds us?
Our Father’s House is a home with a place for you – all of you. (v. 2)
  1. House sizes, like furniture, are growing. Is your house larger or smaller than your folks’ house when they were at your stage? Is your house too small? Why do we rarely think it is too big? Isn’t it all pretty relative?
  2. Where do you belong in this world? Do you ever feel like you don’t belong? Why do you think that is?
  3. Do you feel as though you truly belong at the church you are currently a part of? What helps you feel as though you belong? Is it something you can do something about?
Our Father’s House is being at home with Jesus and our Father (v. 3)
  1. React/respond to the statement, “A house is most beautiful when it is full of people.”
  2. Why do you think Americans seem less hospitable these days than in years gone past?
  3. Is our church a welcoming and hospitable church? How can we be moreso?
  4. What, in your estimate, is “beautiful” when you see it in our church?
  5. What’s more important (Or, which comes first…) “Living for Jesus” or “living with Jesus”? Why?


Is it fair for Pastor Don to say that, in some sense, Jesus never left His Father’s house? Why? Why not?

How will you think differently about your house because of this passage? And how else might you put this into practice this week?