HisTouch for YOU!

March 20, 2016

Topic: Prayer Passage: John 17:20–17:26

Think “legos”.

If you were a lego piece, how many connection points would you have? (I.e., An extrovert may have eight or more; and introvert may have far fewer.)
What is the danger of too few connection points?

How does this relate to Jesus’ prayer for unity in John 17?
What is God’s favorite #? (Perhaps 3 for the Trinity? 7 for Perfection? Or 1? Others?)

A. One is a Beautiful Number. Re-read 17:1-5, then vs.22.
a. What are your ideas on just what the “glory” is? Does Pastor’s Don’s idea of the relational harmony within the Godhead make sense? Why? Why not?
b. From Moses’ experience in Exodus 33, esp. v. 19, what are to two aspects God reveals regarding His glory?

i. “All my ___________________”

1. Someone share his/her ideas about the distinction between God’s greatness attributes and His goodness attributes – the face and backside of God’s glory.
2. How is Jesus the demonstration of God’s goodness? (Cf. Mt. 19:17)

ii. “…my _____________”

1. God’s Hebrew name means: _____ (Ex. 3:13-14)
2. Jesus’ Hebrew name mean: (Mt. 1:21)

c. Read Ps. 133. Describe a “beautiful” relationship in your life (past or present) similar to the one the Psalmist is describing. What are the characteristics of such relationships?
B. One is a Missionary Number.
a. Read vv. 21 & 23. Would you say Jesus is suggesting the purpose of our unity or the result? Why?
b. Is it fair to suggest that if only the church lived out this unity, all (or most) would come to faith in Christ? Why? Why not?
c. Is the “breakdown” that we don’t possess this unity, or that we don’t demonstrate the unity? Or both?
d. What would be a “path” to unity if we don’t possess it?
e. What would need to happen for us to better demonstrate it to those around us?
Conclusion: Who might you need to approach in confession, apology, etc. in order to move toward the beauty of full unity? Who might you pray for to better see/experience unity in order to draw them to Christ?