HisTouch For His Disciples

March 13, 2016

Topic: Prayer Passage: John 17:6–17:19

Introduction: From last week, “Jesus lifted his eyes to heaven…”. What are the upsides…and downsides to praying with your eyes open/closed?

As Jesus didn’t need to pray out loud, so we don’t need to either. God “hears” our hearts. So, why do we? What are the benefits? What are the downsides?

Ever heard your parent’s praying for you? What effect did it have on you? What benefit do you hope to communicate to your children when you pray aloud for them?

A. Unity requires a common identity. Esp. v. 6

a. Read Exodus 33:18-20. Notice the upper case “LORD”. Did you understand Pastor’s explanation of God’s name? Perhaps this helps, the distinction between translation and transliteration.

i. Transliteration (bringing the sounds across into another language)

1. YaHoWaH becomes, in English, JaHoVaH

2. YaHoSHua becomes, in English, JaHoSHua

3. Since we don’t know what vowels were originally used:
a. YaHoWaH sometimes becomes Jehovah or Yahweh.
b. YaHoSHua sometimes becomes Jehoshua, Joshua, Yeshua.

4. Jesus then, is the English transliteration of the Greek transliteration of the Hebrew name. Simple?!!!!

ii. Translation (bringing the meaning across, vs. the sounds)

1. The Hebrew meaning of the “Holy Tetramaggon” (YHWH) = “I AM”
2. Jesus, while not using the Hebrew Holy name often said, “I am”, in a grammatically significant way suggesting he was making the connection. Read John 8:54-59. Comment? What examples of Jesus saying “I am the…” can you think of?

(Third commandment was not to misuse/take in vain the LORD’s name. Legalists suggested this extended to mispronunciation and over time people stopped the name and substituted “Adona” (Literal “Lord” or, when representing the holy name, “LORD”.)

b. Jesus said, “I have manifested your name…” What do you think He meant?

c. Jesus prayed, “Keep them in your name…” What do you think He meant?

d. How does the name of Jesus protect/keep us? Can you give an example of using the name of Jesus in spiritual warfare?

B. Unity requires a common vocabulary. Esp. vv. 8, 14 and 17.

a. Recall the story of the tower of Babel, Gen. 11. Now describe a situation in your life when lack of a common language divided you from others.

b. Read John 8:42-47. Comments please.

c. Is it fair to “divide” the world into those who speak the language of Truth and those who don’t? Why? Why not?

d. Read Ephesians 4:25. Give an example of a time you used deceit (I pray you trust your group enough to share!) and how it divided…

Conclusion: What does it mean to “pray in Jesus’ name”? Let’s do it.