HisTouch for Glory

March 6, 2016

Topic: Prayer Passage: John 17:1–17:5

I. HisTouch

Introduction: If Jesus is God, then why would He need to pray to God?

What does this say about “the Godhead” (i.e., the Trinity)?
V. 1. “The time/hour has come.” What have you learned about God’s timing?
Why would Jesus ask for God to glorify Him if He was also God?
Pastor Don explained that “glorify” literally means to “honor one with a high opinion”. How, if at all, does this modify your understanding of “glorify?
Does this apply to us as well? (I.e., We ask God to “honor” us so that we can honor Him?) In what ways is it different for Jesus?
“…He lifted His eyes to heaven…” Why do we close our eyes when we pray? Should we? Can you find any reference in the Bible to closing your eyes when you pray? How might it actually “remove prayer from our real-life existence?” How might it cause us to be more individualistic about prayer than we should be?

V. 2. Where else does this idea of “authority over all flesh” appear? (Scriptures)
What is the end/purpose of this “authority”?
How are we to understand, “…to give eternal life to all whom you have given him.”?
“The elect are those whom God foreknows will, by His enabling grace, believe the gospel and who will, by His sustaining grace, persevere in that belief.” To what extent do you agree/disagree with this statement? Why?

V. 3. What does this say about the nature of eternal life and what does it not say?

V. 4. Was Jesus already done or was He speaking as if He was already done with His work?
What was Jesus referring to as “the work that you gave me to do”?
How does this square with John 19:30?

V. 5. What strikes you in this verse?
What other references to Christ’s existence before his human existence do you know of? What do they add? (Cf. John 1)

Conclusion: Pray conversationally (one topic at a time vs. lists), with your eyes open and don’t say “amen” at the conclusion. In fact, keep praying as you leave…