HighTouch Worship

February 28, 2016

Topic: Prayer Passage: Acts 16:25–16:40

Introduction: Read Acts 16:13, 16; cf. Acts 3:1. Even though we know that we can speak with God “Anyplace/Anytime”, we all do have preferences (places and times when seem to connect with God better).

What is your best time talk with God?
Where is your best place to talk with God?
Paul and Silas encountered an annoying person in Acts 16:16ff. and yet God used her in their lives. Describe an annoying person in your life and how God has used him/her. (Just in case your spouse comes to mind first, please choose another annoying person!)

A. Anyplace.
a. Why is it that in an historical study of humanity we see that people have always set aside certain “holy places” (Holy means “set aside”.) for prayer and worship? First, maybe give some examples…Why did God, in the Old Testament even set certain places for worship?
b. Paul & Silas, after being beaten, sitting in jail, in stocks…speculate as to different scenarios that led them to worship…
c. What is the strangest, least likely, place that you “converted into” a prayer place/worship place? Describe.

B. Anytime.
a. Why do we have our corporate worship gatherings at 8:30 and 11:00 on Sunday mornings? If you were in charge, when would they be held?
b. So why do we tend to worship/pray when we do? Is it really about convenience?
c. Why do you have your personal devotions when you do? Isn’t it okay to do things when they “work best” for us? What’s the downside to this? (It’s okay to say there is no downside!)
d. One of the distinguishing factors of Christianity is that it is essentially a relationship. If so, how does your relationship with your spouse, compare here? Is there a best time for the two of you to be alone together? When? Since God is always available and present…how is relationship with Him different?
e. Describe a “least likely time” when you found yourself praying…

Conclusion: Name two less-likely places and two less-likely times when you will try to remember that you can pray Anyplace/Anytime.