Desperate Touch

February 14, 2016

Topic: Prayer Passage: 2 Chronicles 20:1–20:30

Describe a time when life “overwhelmed” you.

Someone recap the situation of Jehoshaphat including his relationship with Ahab (1 Kings 22, 2 Chron. 17-19)

Now, a second crisis is faced (Chapter 20:1-4). Jehoshaphat is about to respond differently.

A. His Prayer (20:5-13)

a. Praise (6-9).

i. Why does God tell us to praise Him? Is it really more for Him or for us?

ii. How does this praise, encourage faith among the people who hear it?
1. V. 6, Someone paraphrase please.
2. V. 7, What part does this play in encouraging faith?
3. V. 8-9, What does this add?

So, one “tactic” in prayer is to praise God for attributes of His, including demonstrations of those attributes – the very attributes you believe you currently need demonstration of. What attributes of God do you see Jehoshaphat “suggesting” in his praise of God?

If you are pressed financially, what attributes might you praise God for?

If you are pressed medically…in relationships…etc.?

b. The Need (10-12)

i. What strikes you in this paragraph?

ii. It’s not easy to admit “We don’t know what to do…” Please share with the group one area of your life where you “don’t know what to do.”

c. The Pause (v. 13)
i. Is there any significance to this verse? If so, what do you think it is?

ii. Describe the role of “pause” in your prayer life. What Scripture come to mind when you think of a pause? (Try Ps. 37:7; 46:10)

B. The Prophetic Response (vv. 14-17)

a. V. 14, Do you see any significance in this verse. What?

b. V. 15, Can you name a “battle” in your life, now or in the past, that you assumed was yours to fight, but later realized was God’s? Describe.

c. V. 16, What apparent inconsistency do you see in this verse? Why does the army have to move out at all? How does this relate to issues/battles in your life?

C. The Actions of Jehoshaphat (vv.18ff.)

a. What strikes you as “typical” response to such a word from God?

b. What strikes you as an unusual response?

c. Describe a time when you “sang by faith” – not by your feelings.

d. Describe a situation, going on right now, that you need to trust God with to the extent that you can “sing by faith.”