HighTouch Pattern

January 10, 2016

Topic: Spiritual Growth

I. HighTouch Church
Intro: How is it we seem to have turned a dynamic experience of prayer into a “drag”? What are some things you have tried to stimulate your prayer life?
What’s been your history/experience with The Lord’s Prayer?

A. Reach High to Touch Our Father!
​1. “Our Father”
​What percentage of your time praying is spent in “petitions” vs. “relating to God?
​Why is beginning prayer this way, an act of faith?
​Should this prayer even be prayed alone? “Our…”

2. “In Heaven”
Have you ever felt especially close to God when you’ve been on a “high” place? What’s going on
Since God is everywhere?

3. “Hallowed by Your Name”
How do you do this? In practical ways?
Read 1 Ptr. 3:15. Comment

B. Let the Father on High Touch You!
​1. Material Needs: “Our daily bread”
​Name distinguishing characteristics of a manager vs. an owner:
How does this relate to our management of the material things God has given us? Pastor Don challenged us to seek God about giving more to the church needs. Can we stop right now and pray about the church needs and how God might have us assist?
2. First Spiritual Need: “Forgive us our sins”
What do you see as the correlation between “debts” and “trespasses”?
“As we forgive…” Read vv. 14-15. Why do you suppose Jesus felt the need to speak further on this piece of the prayer?
Consider someone who appears not to forgive another. Is there a discernable effect on the person’s life? What is it? Other examples of failing to forgive; to hold resentments?

3. Second Spiritual Need: “Lead us not into…”
This sounds like God might lead us into temptation if we didn’t pray. Is that so? What do you think is the point of this petition?
Give an example of being led into temptation…(Yea, go ahead and take a risk with your group!)

Conclusion: Pray together, this prayer, stopping at each phrase for a few moments to allow anyone to verbalize a prayer related to that subject. (Go ahead and try this!)

You will want to leave at least 10 minutes at the end of this study to pray the Lord’s Prayer together.