Evergreen: The Color of Hope

November 29, 2015

Topic: Advent Passage: Isaiah 7:1–7:17

1. Evergreen: The Color of Hope, Isaiah 7:1-14. November 29

Introduction: What do you know about the psychology of color? What do you suspect? How does it affect the way you decorate the rooms of your house, if at all? What do color experts say is the best color for a child’s room? Etc.?

Is anyone in the group color-blind? If so, please describe and explain some of your challenges?

Remember Batman I, and the vaporized potion that brought out your greatest fears? What fear would come out of you?

Read the text (above) - Someone in the group summarize the historical context.

A. A green pasture speaks calm upon a frantic canvas.
a. Ever been in a “tizzy”/frantic about some fear? Describe.
b. Read Genesis 18:13-15. Share a time when you were not entirely honest (or a time when you outright lied) because you were afraid. (Here’s that opportunity for transparency!)
c. Read Isaiah 7:4. Is there an issue in your life right now that you need to hear these words in regard to? Please share.

B. A green sign speaks hope upon a black canvas.
a. Ahaz may have found some “false calm” from his hope in Assyria’s help. Can you think of a time when you found a similar calm/reassurance from someone/something other than God? Or was it God and something/one else?
b. How do you not hope in a doctor/surgery when you are sick? Etc.
c. Describe a time when you prayed to God for help, assuming you knew how He would help you?
d. Ever asked God for a “sign” of reassurance? (I’m assuming we all have, or we’ve at least looked for such signs, hoping God gives us something.) Describe.
e. Read Isaiah 11:1-4; Isaiah 53:1-2; Hosea 14:8. Is it fair to draw a “Father/Son” connection based upon these verses? Why? Why not?

Conclusion: Read Romans 5:1-5. Any final thoughts?