The Gospel Story

October 11, 2015

Topic: Spiritual Growth Passage: John 20:1–20:8, Romans 1:16

What Matters Most – Fall 2015 Series
October 11, 2015 - The Gospel Story
Introduction: What comes to mind when you hear “treasure hunt”?
Read Matthew 13:44. If you were to make a contemporary parallel to this, what might it be?

What Matters Most:
God’s Glory
The Gospel Story
Loving Relationships
Biblical Discipleship

Is it fair to say that these four “encapsulate” – big picture – the values seen in the Bible? Why? Why not?

We are emphasizing that God wants us to pursue these values together. How is the “together” aspect seen in your life? How are you challenged to be and do the Christian life together?

Describe a time when you felt, if not acted, ashamed of the Gospel. (Okay, I know I’m pushing on this one, but it has potential to be very encouraging to all, since “All have sinned and fallen short…of God’s glory.”)

A. “It is the power of God...” 

     a. What would you say is the greatest display of power you have every observed?

     b. Read Genesis 1:1-3, or more. Talk about the power of God in creation. What impresses you the most?

     c. Read Genesis 2:1-7. Why did God not just “speak” Adam into being? Is there a distinction between “speaking” most of creation into being and “breathing” Adam into being? What is similar between the two and is it significant? Does John 1:1 and 20:22 connect with this? How do you think?

     d. Was the Gospel “born” with Jesus? Check out Galatians 3:8 and Revelation 14:6. What do you extrapolate (“pull out from”) from these verses? 

B. “It is the power of God for salvation…” 

     a. Do most people know they need to be saved? Why? Why not? Can you describe one person, without a name) that is lost but doesn’t seem to know it? 

     b. How would you describe that you came to know you needed to be saved? 

     c. Do you see anything wrong/messed up with the “self-esteem” philosophy, so common in society today?

C. “It is the power of God for salvation to all who believe.” 

Share your story of how you came to believe. (Fill up the rest of the time with this!)

Conclusion: Who are you praying for to come to faith in Jesus? Are you prepared to share the Gospel with them? If not, what more do you need to be prepared?