God's Glory

October 4, 2015

Topic: God Passage: Exodus 33:12–33:23

What Matters Most – Fall 2015 Series
October 4, 2015 - God’s Glory, Exodus 33:12-23

Introduction: Describe a time when you “lost it” – you may have lost your temper, your composure, whatever, but what you really lost was God’s glory. (Romans 3:23)

“By God’s Spirit, we will be and make disciples who will follow Jesus,
become like Jesus and engage in the mission of Jesus.”

What Matters Most:
God’s Glory
The Gospel Story
Loving Relationships
Biblical Discipleship
Is it fair to say that these four “encapsulate” – big picture – the values seen in the Bible? Why? Why not?

How is the “together” aspect seen in your life? How are you challenged to be and do the Christian life together?

A. Beholding His Glory

a. Romans 3:23. How do you see everyone - and everything – falling short of God’s glory? (Specific examples please.)

b. God’s Glory

i. His Greatness (God’s Front/Face) – (“Elohim” = “God”)

     1. What are the ‘hints’ of God’s greatness that you see in the world around you?

     2. Are these a fair representation of how great God is?

     3. Re-read the Exodus text…what is it about seeing God’s face that is so deadly? What about other
         passages that speak of Moses speaking face to face with God? How do you figure? (v. 11)

     4. What attribute(s) of God’s greatness is/are the most overwhelming to you?

          a. Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Omniscient

          b. Eternal, Infinite, …

     5. If available, read through the Hymn “How Great Thou Art”.

ii. His Goodness (God’s Backside) – (YaHoWaH = “LORD”)

     1. Look over the list of God’s attributes of Goodness”

          a. Authenticity – How would you define each? Why are is impt. to you?

               i. Genuine

               ii. Truthful

               iii. Faithful

          b. Holiness – How would you define each? Why is each impt. to you?

               i. Righteous

               ii. Just

          c. Love – How do you distinguish between the two below?

               i. Mercy

               ii. Grace

     2. Look over the verses below. Which has impressed you most recently re: God’s goodness?

          a. Luke 2:8-14

          b. John 1:1-18

          c. John 17:1-11

     3. What other observations about God’s glory do you have re: the above verses?

     4. Read Hebrews 1:1-4. What are your observations?


Conclusion: Read 2 Cor. 3:12-18. How do you hope that the glory of God will be seen in you this week?