Timothy: Proven Worth

August 23, 2015

Topic: Spiritual Growth Passage: Philippians 2:19–2:24

People Like Us - Summer 2015 Series
August 23, 2015 - Timothy: Proven Worth, Philippians 2:19-24

Sermon Outline: Read Acts 16: 1-5 ; Philippians 2:19-24; 2 Timothy 1:1-7


A.D. 48 Paul and Barnabas in Lystra on 1st Missionary Trek (Acts 14:8ff.)
A.D. 50 Paul and Silas in Lystra on 2nd Missionary Trek (Acts 16:1-5)
A.D. 54 Paul sends 1st Corinthian letter by Timothy (Paul’s 2 yr. ministry in Ephesus 53-54)
A.D. 56 Paul sends 2nd Corinthian letter by Titus; Leaves Timothy in Ephesus as he travels to
              Macedonia and eventually to Jerusalem. (1 Tim. 1:3)
A.D. 57 Paul arrested in Jerusalem (Arrives in Rome in A.D. 60) 

A. Lystra: Timothy follows Christ out of a flawed gene pool and a fatherless home rule.

a. What are some physical evidences that our gene pools are flawed? Scriptures?

b. Do you think Pastor Don was fair in his evaluation of Timothy giving evidence of an “absentee father”, spiritually?

c. Acts 16:1-3. Would you, as Timothy’s father, have allowed him to leave home with the apostle? (Timothy was likely in his teens.) Or be circumcised? (Circumcision was despised in the Roman world…Ever looked closely at Michelangelo’s “David”?)

d. Do you know of any boys who give evidence of having an absentee father? Any girls?

e. What are you doing to help your children understand masculinity and femininity in light of God’s Word?

B. Corinth: Timothy becomes more like Christ though the “school of hard knocks”. 

a. Read 1 Cor. 4:14-21. From this text and others, what was the challenge in Corinth?

b. Read 1 Cor. 16:10-11. Do you sense any misgivings in Paul’s words? Do you think he was a bit unsure of sending so young a man to bring correction to this church?

c. Read 2 Cor. 7:13-16. Ten times Titus is mentioned in this letter. He is clearly the new emissary from Paul. What do you think was going on here?

d. Paul made a mistake with the young John Mark (Acts 13:13; 15:36ff.; 2 Tim. 4:11). How do you think this may have affected his treatment of Timothy?

e. Cite a “tough experience”/ “failure” that you grew from. What does the gospel imply about our failures?

C. Ephesus: Timothy is “proven worth”, engaging in ministry as pastor of the Ephesus church.

a. Read Philippians 2:19-24. (Written in A.D. 62) What do you learn of Timothy from this passage? What does “proven worth” look like?

i. What does empathy look like? (2:20-21) 

ii. What does faithfulness look like? (2:22)

iii. What does an exemplary life look like? (2 Timothy 4:11-16)

Conclusion: Give an example of a time when you grew more like Christ from trouble, challenge and failure. How has it shaped you for your ministry today?