Onesimus: Beloved Brother

August 16, 2015

Topic: Spiritual Growth

People Like Us - Summer 2015 Series
August 16, 2015 - Onesimus: Beloved Brother, Philemon
Introduction: While we don’t today have “slave/master walls, what walls do you currently encounter in your world?


Are there walls today, in this room/group? (Be real now!)


Sermon Outline: Read Philemon 

How does this short letter read differently from every other book in the New Testament? Why do you think?

A. Context 

What have you learned about the context of this letter that is particularly interesting to you?

B. Onesimus belongs to God. 

a. Describe a time when you “ran” from God. What do you remember from this experience and what got you back?

b. Describe a time when you did not feel as though you felt “alone in the world”? Was it more about God or more about people?

c. Read Matthew 11:28 – 30. How does this fit our topic? What is Jesus inviting us to?

d. What other Scriptures come to mind regarding this topic?

C. Onesimus also belongs to Philemon, and Paul. (Find descriptors of the relationships in the book of Philemon. What do the descriptors suggest?)

a. Paul and Philemon

b. Paul and Onesimus

c. Onesimus and Philemon

Conclusion: What does it mean to be brothers and sisters in this “family of God”? How can we better live this truth out?