Lydia: Purple

August 9, 2015

Topic: Spiritual Growth Passage: Acts 16:11–16:15

People Like Us - Summer 2015 Series
August 9, 2015 - Lydia: Purple
Introduction: What “word associations” come to mind when you hear “Purple”?

Sermon Outline: Read Acts 16:11-15…40 (Cf. Rev. 2:18-29) 

A. Revelation: God opened Lydia’s Heart.

a. Where is human responsibility in this?

i. What would you say?

ii. What Scriptures come to mind?

b. What does this actually feel like, when God opens your heart.

i. What would you say? 

ii. What Scriptures come to mind?

B. Response: Lydia opened her Home.

a. Lydia was baptized.

i. Why right away instead of later, after some “training”? Do we sometimes wait too long? 

ii. What about the age: adult vs. infant?

iii. What about the mode: immersion, sprinkling, pouring?

iv. What Scriptures come to mind about age and mode?

v. What was your personal experience with baptism?

b. Lydia opened her home to Paul.

i. Doesn’t this look like the “appearance of evil”? Why isn’t it so?

ii. What is true hospitality? What Scriptures come to mind? Check concordance!

iii. What have been your experiences with hospitality. (Not just inviting folks over…)

iv. How do you think God wants us to use our homes for His Kingdom?

Conclusion: Revelation and Response – It’s the essence of interaction between the holy and the Divine. What response will you make, given the revelation you’ve received from this Scripture?