Epaphroditus: Love God; Love Others

August 2, 2015

Topic: Spiritual Growth Passage: Philippians 2:26–2:30

People Like Us - Summer 2015 Series
August 2, 2015 - Epaphroditus: Love God; Love People
Introduction: What does it mean to you to “love on” someone?

Sermon Outline: Read Philippians 2:25-30 

A. Epaphroditus had been “loved on” by God.

a. Read Philippians 1:1-2. Epaphroditus was a member of the church at Philippi. How is he, and the others, described? What can be inferred from these two descriptions?

b. What does it really mean when we say that God loves us? Name as many as possible and cite Scriptures when you can. 

c. Respond to the following statement: “It is nearly impossible to love, unless you have known what it is to be loved.”

B. Epaphroditus “loved on” others.

a. Read Paul’s description of Epaphroditus in relation to himself – verse 25a.

i. “Brother” – What does this tell you about the relationship between Paul and Epaphroditus? What might be gained if the church thought of itself more like a family? What do brothers and sisters do for each other?

ii. “Fellow worker” – What does this tell you about their relationship?

iii. “Fellow soldier” – Are we really in a “war”? If so, describe the war. Why do most of us, most of the time, forget that we are in a war? What “war” passages of Scripture come to mind?

b. Read Paul’s description of Epaphroditus in relation to the church at Philippi – verse 25b.

i. “Your messenger” – What had Ep. brought to Paul from the church? (4:14-19)

ii. “Your…minister to my needs” – What might this entail, as Paul was under “house arrest”? 

c. Describe what Paul is referring to in verses 26f. This kind of empathy for each other does not happen automatically. Why is it so rare among us? Where do we see it and what sorts of activities provide a conducive atmosphere for it to develop?


1. Remind yourselves how you have been “loved on” by God.

2. How might you better “love on” others?