Zacchaeus: Get a Ladder

July 19, 2015

Topic: Spiritual Growth Passage: Luke 19:1–19:10

People Like Us - Summer 2015 Series
July 19, 2015 - Zacchaeus: Get a Ladder
Introduction: Describe a child “climber” in your family. Describe an adult “climber” you know…
When does “wanting to be somebody” become ungodly?

Sermon Outline: Read Luke 19:1-10 

A. Zacchaeus climbed the ladder of success and found that it went nowhere.

a. In our culture, it is hard to find someone as hated as tax collectors were hated in Judea. They were openly hated and considered far from God’s kingdom, even “beyond hope”. Can you think of any comparison? Think/talk about what Zacchaeus’ life must have been like? 

b. Who comes to your mind as one who has “reached the top of the ladder” of success?

c. What’s been your experience with “climbing the ladder of success”? How far up did you go before you realized the ladder went nowhere?

B. Zacchaeus climbed a tree looking for significance and found Jesus. 

a. Imagine you are at the Willmar parade and along the route you see an adult man, nicely dressed, perched up in a tree…looking intently off in the distance…What would drive Zacchaeus, or any man/woman to climb a tree in public? What does this say about such a person?

b. If you came to Christ as an adult, can you talk about how your search for significance, led you to ‘check out’ Christ?

C. Zacchaeus climbed down and found salvation.

a. Coming down out of a tree is typically a less ‘graceful’ movement than climbing up into a tree. Try to imagine what was going through Zacchaeus’ mind as he was coming down…Any thoughts…? 

b. Read 1 Timothy 6:17-19. Is it fair to put us all in the category of “rich”? If no, why not? Does this apply to all of us in some way? If so, how?

c. Discuss 1 Timothy 6:17-19 in light of Zacchaeus’ experience and in light of the application to your own life.

Conclusion: With whom might you share some part of the above discussion? Pray that his/her heart might be prepared.