Thomas: Bad Rap

July 12, 2015

Topic: Spiritual Growth Passage: John 11:14–11:16

People Like Us - Summer 2015 Series
July 12, 2015 - Thomas: Bad Rap

Sermon Outline (“Rap Sheet”)
A. Pessimist > Surrender 

a. Read John 11:14-16

b. Describe a time when you may have been accused of being a pessimist when you thought you were just being realistic.

c. If the future course of your life with Christ were to bring you into trouble in this world, what would most help you “stay the course”?

d. Are you willing to die for Jesus and the Gospel message? If yes, look someone else in the eye and say so.

B. Contrarian > Understanding 

a. Read John 14:1-6

b. Describe your idea of a contrarian (without using names!).

c. Are you a “conflict avoider” and how have you seen that benefit/hurt you?

d. If you could ask God anything, what would it be?

C. Skeptic > Believer

a. Read John 20:24-29 

b. If you were Thomas’ defense attorney, what would be your angle?

c. Does Jesus seem a little tough on Thomas? Why? Why not?

d. Describe a time when Jesus revealed Himself to you in a new way and the effect it had on you. 

Conclusion: With whom might you share some part of the above discussion? Pray that his/her heart might be prepared.