Holy Huddle

June 21, 2015 Speaker:

Passage: Acts 13:1–13:3

People Like Us - Summer 2015
Jun 21, 2015 - Antioch Church - Holy Huddle

Introduction: God uses unexpected people- even those of us who do not feel like we fit in.

Luke names and gives brief descriptions of the prophets and teachers at Antioch. This emphasis gives us a fuller understanding of the diversity of the early church. Are you surprised by some of these people? 

Do you feel like you fit in the body of Christ? What barriers do you feel keep you from feeling really part of the Church?

Sermon outline 

I. The prophets and teachers- Read Acts 11:19-25; 13:1

a. Barnabas- Mature leader representative from the Jerusalem Church

b. Simeon called Niger (Black)- Possibly a founder at the church in Antioch

c. Lucius of Cyrene (Cyrene is a Greek outpost in Libya)-founder of the church in Antioch

d. Manean (lifelong friend of Herod- came from a family of influence)

e. Saul- Newer believer that had a history of persecuting Christians.

How did God use the unique birth of the Church of Antioch and the stories of these individuals to do something unexpected and powerful for the Kingdom? 

How have you seen this in your life and our Church?

II. Observations from Antioch- Read Acts 13:1-3 

a. V. 2 They prioritized time with Jesus

i. Worshiping the Lord

1. Out of last week’s message by Pastor Don- what are some ways we can worship the Lord? 

i. Fasting- Giving up food for a period in order to focus on spending time with Jesus and showing dependence and love for Him.

1. What are the barriers that keep us from practicing fasting today?

2. How is your group practicing worship and fasting?

b. V.2 They listened together to the Holy Spirit

i. Read 1 Corinthians 2:6-16 and Ephesians 5:15-21 where Paul gives careful instruction on listening to the Holy Spirit in community. How do you think the Holy Spirit spoke to them in Acts 13? 

ii. How is your group listening to the Holy Spirit together?

c. V.3 They kept the mission of Jesus center

i. The sending theme is woven in the Gospel story (The Father sends-Prophets-Israel-Jesus, The Son sends his disciples- John 17:18- now the church sends…).

ii. What is the mission of Jesus?- Read Luke 4:18-19,43; 5:31; 6:9; 9:1-2; 10:1-16; 19:10; 24:46-49 Acts 1:7-8 

iii. How is your group participating/joining Jesus in His mission?