Second Grace

June 7, 2015

Topic: Spiritual Growth Passage: Acts 9:23–9:31

People Like Us - Summer 2015 Series
June 7, 2015 - Barnabas: Second Place Grace
Introduction: Name a significant time when you won a “red ribbon”, took second place. How did you feel about? (That question was for the gals. Guys, What did you think about it?”)

Hebrew: Bar = Son; Bas = Daughter; -Nabas = encouragement. (By the way, the Holy Spirit is called the “Encourager/Comforter”.) Therefore, Barnabas = Son of Encouragement; Basnabas = Daughter of Encouragement) (Not quite the same ring to it…)

Sermon Outline
A. Barnabas and the grace of the second look. 

a. Read Acts 9:26-30.

b. Name one person each whom you would be least likely to believe had become a believer. Why?

c. What risk was Barnabas assuming?

d. Describe a time when someone prejudged you/ or didn’t prejudge you. (Gave you a second look?) 

e. What else strikes you about this situation?

B. Barnabas and the grace to play “second fiddle”.

a. Read Acts 13:1-13.

b. Did you notice the switch? Vv.1-2, “Barnabas….and Saul”…. “Paul and his companions…” (v. 13). What do you gather from this? What happened between these verses?

c. Describe a time you (or someone you know) played “second fiddle”, stepping aside to let another lead.

C. Barnabas and the grace to give a “second chance”.

a. Read Acts 15:36-41.

b. Paul and Barnabas disagreed over John Mark. God seemed to use the situation to create two teams out of one. Does that mean it was God’s will that they argued and split? (Cf. Romans 8:28)

c. Describe a time when someone gave you a second chance. What did it do for you?

d. No one deserves a second chance. Who in your life does God want you to extend a second chance to?


  • What will you try do differently, or think differently about because of this study?