Come Holy Spirit

May 24, 2015

Topic: Holy Spirit

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Fire! - Winter/Spring 2015 Series
May 24, 2015 - Summation! “Come, Holy Spirit!”

Introduction: What do we mean when we say, “Come, Holy Spirit”? What do we not mean?

Sermon Outline

A. “Come and Show us the Father.”

a. Read Exodus 33:18-23. Have you ever asked for something you probably couldn’t have handled?

b. What is it that strikes you about only seeing God’s “ backside” vs. His face?

c. Read John 14:25-26. In what ways does the Spirit show us God/Jesus?

d. What, in all of this, strikes you most?

B. “Come and Tell us the Truth about Ourselves.” 

a. Read John 16:8-11. How have you seen the Spirit’s conviction in your own life? Be specific.

b. What do you remember of the things Pastor Jimmy shared about this?

c. What value do you see in public confession?

C. “Come and Make us Clean” 

a. Read 1 John 1:9. What does God being “faithful and just” have to do with confession?

b. What do you remember of the things Pastor Ben shared about this?

c. Read James 5:16 mentions confession to others. When is this appropriate? Can you describe a time when confession brought healing to you? Others?

D. “Come and Equip us for Service” 

a. Read Luke 24:45-49. What strikes you in this passage?

b. Being “clothed with power” is a biblical metaphor. What of this is image and what is reality? What does the image/metaphor suggest? 

c. How do I know when I am clothed/fully clothed? What do you say to the person who may be thinking, “I’ll wait to serve till I’m fully clothed…”

Conclusion: What conclusions and applications can you draw from all of this?