Spirit Birth

May 10, 2015 Speaker:

Topic: Holy Spirit Passage: John 3:1–3:15

Fire! – Winter/Spring 2015 series
May 10, 2015 -  Spirit Birth John 3:1-15 

Introduction: Why was a good and respected man like Nicodemus in need of Spirit Birth? How has Jesus helped you see your need for a “new birth”?

Sermon outline 

A. Where is your heart?

a. Read verses 1-3. How can you relate to Nicodemus? Do you long to know Jesus?

b. How was Jesus declaration in verse 3 surprising?

c. How can we be blinded to the Kingdom of God? What is it like to be able to “see” the Kingdom?

B. The good news is the Kingdom of God!

a. Read verses 4-8. How can we enter the Kingdom?

b. Water and wind are symbols of the Holy Spirit- Read Ezekiel 36:24-28

c. Spiritual birth is a work of God’s Spirit. What is the one action we can take in verse 8 to experience new birth?

C. Jesus is the King of the Kingdom

a. Read verses 9-15. How is Jesus the key to Spirit Birth?

b. Jesus claims to be the only way to eternal life/ heaven (God’s presence). How do we try to find other ways like Nicodemus?

c. Jesus refers to the story of poisonous snakes in the desert with Moses- Read Numbers 21:4-9

d. How does the Cross of Jesus relate to the human experience of suffering and death? (Romans 3:9-31). 

e. Verse 15 tells us faith is the key to the Kingdom/eternal life. Read Romans 4:20-22 for a definition of faith. How does a person experience faith? Share your stories of experiencing faith in Jesus?