Stones on Fire!

March 29, 2015

Passage: Luke 19:28–19:44

Fire! - Winter/Spring 2015 Series

March 29, 2015 - Stones on Fire, Luke 19:28-44

Introduction: Name as many uses of stones in the Bible as you can. (No you don’t need to come up with chapter and verse!)

What part do stones play in your life? Are stones typically in our way? (Fields, walks, etc.) How are they still useful?

Sermon Outline
Stones “speak” witness:

A. Stones witness our human activities.

a. Someone summarize the story of Genesis 31 (Jacob & Laban…)

b. Ask: How do we “witness” such events today? What “memorials” do you have that remind you of important events.

c. Read Revelation 20:11-15 (cf. Daniel 7:10) what do you suppose in these books? How do “the books” compare to “the book of life”?

B. Stones witness God’s work in our lives.

a. Read Joshua 4:4-7. What strikes you in this story?

b. How do you remind your children of God’s activity/provision?

C. Stones witness sacrifices.

a. Altars were typically made out of uncut stones. (Exodus 20:25; Joshua 8:31)

b. Read or summarize Genesis 22, the sacrifice of Isaac, esp. read verse 8.

c. What parallels do you see with the Palm Sunday story?

D. Stones witness that stony hearts can be made soft again.

a. Zechariah 7:12. How do we “harden our hearts”?

b. Ezekiel 11:17-21. What is your personal story re: these verses?

Conclusion: Is it possible that your heart is “hardening”? How so? What will you do about it?