Friendly Fire

March 22, 2015

Passage: Daniel 3:16–3:30

Fire! - Winter/Spring 2015 Series
March 22, 2015 - Friendly Fire, Daniel 3:16-30

Introduction: When was the last time you did a job alone…and wish you had had someone helping you? Describe. 

When was the last time you did a job with another person or a team and were glad you weren’t alone? Describe.

What are the challenges/benefits to working in a team?

Someone refresh everyone’s memory with the context of this story.

What are the similarities to our societal context vs. the context of the three Hebrews? The differences?

Sermon Outline
A. It’s Easier to Stand Out – Together. 

a. What do you think was the significance of the Babylonians giving the Hebrews new names?

i. Dani-el (God, El, is my Judge) > Belteshazzar (Bel, Marduk, protects life)

ii. Hanani-ah (The LORD, ..ah, shows grace) > Shadrach (Aku commands)

iii. Misha-el (Who is like God?) > Meshach (Who is like Aku?)

iv. Azari-ah (The LORD helps) > Abednego (Servant of Nego/Nebu/Nabu)

b. Do we really have a contemporary parallel to the “pledge of loyalty” the Hebrews were asked to take? What might we face that is similar?

c. Nebuchadnezzar(English) > Nabu – kudurri – usur (Akkadian) meaning, Nabu (Chief god of the Akkadians), protect my border. Nebuchadnezzar had borders. Every society has geographical and social “border”. If one of our borders is “separation of church and state” what are some of the other “borders” our society sets up?

B. It’s Easier to Sacrifice – Together.

a. Ever crossed one of society’s borders/boundaries? Describe what it was like to stand alone and face the consequences. 

b. Describe a similar time but when you had a friend/colleague to stand with you.

c. What question would you ask next if you were writing this study guide?

Conclusion: Is it fair to say that it is going to get harder to stand for Jesus in our society? Are things really getting worse? 

How will you apply this? Who will you share it with?