Internal Combustion

March 15, 2015

Passage: Jeremiah 20:1–20:13

Fire! - Winter/Spring 2015 Series
March 15, 2015 - Internal Combustion - Jeremiah 20:1-14

Sermon Outline:

Pastor Don followed what he called a basic “hermeneutic” (way of understanding). It was:

What does it ____? What does it _____ to me?

1. “What does it ______?”

a. The Context (vv. 1-6)

i. What strikes you about the story?

ii. Do you think Passhur was really that bad of a guy? Why? Why not?

iii. Any other biblical character come to mind who was in stocks? 

b. Jeremiah’s Complaint (vv. 7- 10)

i. Does vs. 6 say that God deceived Jeremiah? What does it really say?

ii. Jeremiah determined not to speak God’s word since it just got him into trouble. Why do you suppose it was so hard keeping it in?

c. His Confidence returns (vv.11-13)

i. What comes to mind when you read “dread warrior”?

ii. How was Jeremiah “tested”?

iii. When would deliverance come?

2. “What does it _____ to me?”

i. Tell of a time when you may have felt like God promised you something He really didn’t promise.

ii. Have you ever felt “reproached” by others? Describe how it felt/what you thought about it. Describe a time you were “reproached for your faith.”

iii. Why does it sometimes feel like it is easy to keep God’s word within and not share it?

iv. Spend several minutes thinking about the people in your life. As you think of them, do any Scriptures come to mind? Is it possible that God wants you to share those Scriptures with them?