Romans 16:25-27

Title: The Greatest Letter Ever Written

Scripture: Romans 16:25-27


  • Gospel Strength
  • Glory Forever
  • Genuine Belief  

Personal Reflection & Small Group Questions

Please complete this study on your own, then bring it to your small group for discussion.

  1. Looking back over your notes from this week’s sermon and text, what particularly caught your attention, challenged or confused you?
  2. Read through Romans 1:1-6 and Romans 1:16-17. How does this relate to this ending doxology?
  3. How does understanding God’s ability to strengthen us impact our daily lives?
  4. How can we focus on the eternal glory of God through Jesus Christ? Does it change our perspectives on our struggles and trials?
  5. In what ways can we genuinely express our affirmation of God’s Word? How do our whole lives give endorsement? Think head, heart and hands.
  6. How has this book of Romans caused you to grow in your love for God and passion for the lost?
  7. As you review the sermon and study, what single aspect is of utmost significance for you to retain and put into practice?