Join us for Worship each Sunday morning at 9 am

Worship Values

Splendor We put God's Glory on display with un-distracting excellence and ensure that our Triune God is the Object, Subject and Source of our worship.

Revelation Our worship moves to the rhythm of revelation and response. This means we will be Word-centric - referencing and proclaiming the Living Word (Jesus) and the Written Word (The Bible).

Delight We are discovering the life-giving pleasure of our Heavenly Father's Embrace and the beauty of His Holiness.

Together We pursue multi-generational worship, broad congregational benefit and team efforts modeling the Body of Christ.

Holistic We worship a Triune, Trancendent-Personal God with expressions that range from adoration and praise, to repentance and dependence.

Transformation We want to encounter God's life-defining truth and life-changing Presence - so we become more like Jesus.