2018 Lenten Devotional

Wednesday, February 14, marks the beginning of the Lenten season. In short, the Christian Church has prepared for the celebration of the death and resurrection of Christ by recognizing Lent. In this season, the believer typically “fasts” in order to focus more on Jesus. Maybe you grew up with Lent and have a “poor taste” in your mouth with it. We’d encourage you to view this season in a new light. Last year, our church family walked through a Lenten devotional and many fasted from various things in their lives (television, certain foods, etc.). The aim of the fast is not to somehow earn God’s affection, but rather to remove that which can typically distract us from remembering that God’s affection for us is solely by grace through faith in Jesus. Would you join us this Lenten season as we seek to look to Jesus?
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