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Did you know that God has a job on earth that only you can fulfill? Just like Jesus in John 17:4, we bring glory to God by accomplishing the work that He has given us to do. Did you also know that people who know what their purpose in life is, are healthier and live longer?

GPS can help you focus on your purpose in life and fulfill the job that God has for you.

At Living Hope, we stress discipleship. Many people at our church desire to fulfill Jesus command of making disciples found in Matt. 28:19, but they don't feel equipped to do it. GPS will help you zero in on your gifts, strengths, your mission and your purpose in life. It will help you be an effective disciple and help you become more effective in making disciples. It also teaches you how to build more loving relationships with others and shows how to properly interact with those around you. GPS will help give you a sense of fulfillment and significance in your life.

We are excited about helping you discover and embrace God’s next purpose for your life. The benefit of GPS is to help you discover and embrace God’s next purpose for your life. GPS Alumni have a stronger sense of direction, live more intentionally and experience a greater meaning in life after this 8-session journey.

If you have questions contact Del Brouwer (320.354.0325) or Butch Mellom (320.905.0969).

Session titles are:
  1. Discovering my Personality
  2. Discovering my Experiences, Abilities and Strengths
  3. Discovering my Passions, Spiritual Gifts and Values
  4. Discovering How to Get Direction for God
  5. Developing my Personal Mission Statement
  6. Developing my Personal Vision
  7. Developing my Priority Action Steps and Venues
  8. Developing Margins in My Life
The GPS Life Journey will be available as an 8-week series with one session per week.

Prior to enrolling in the GPS Life Journey, you will need to contact Del Brouwer or Butch Mellom to go through the orientation with them. This is to help you determine if the GPS Life Journey is for you at this time, and if so, what homework you will need to complete prior to the start of the course.

The Orientation is at the Living Hope Chapel:
 Sunday, March 19   11:45 am-12:30 pm

8-Week Series:
April 9 – May 28  Sunday Evening  6:30-8 pm  Living Hope

Living Hope is located at 1305 19th Ave SW, Willmar, MN