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Week 2 Tip: Over the next 7 Days, take a Social Media Fast. 

**If you’re not on social media, select another app such as News, sports, or weather apps.**  

Parents/Grandparents with Kids or Teenagers: There is no denying that social media is a massive part of all our lives—particularly in the lives of our kids and teens. At first glance of this tip you may think, “my kid will never give up social media for seven days!” Therefore, try making this an entire family initiative. Modeling is almost always better than lecturing. If you are not active on social media yourself, then fast from something comparable (TV, computer use, etc.). Keep in mind that fasting involves “giving something up” and therefore creates a vacuum. So, as a family, fill your new found free time with face to face interaction or constructive activity. For example, memorize Psalm 1 together. Keep it on an index card, and when you would normally pull out your phone or check social media on another device have Psalm 1 ready for you and your family to memorize. For little ones, memorize an easier verse like John 14:6. At the end of your week, discuss what the Lord taught you during your collective fast.  

Couples: My wife recently read in a book that as we “feast” on social media throughout the day we often find ourselves regurgitating what we “learned” to our spouses. During your fast, spend those moments that normally entailed following the social lives of others actively praying for them. Write their names on index cards to help you remember. At the end of the day, pick one person from each of your cards and pray for them together before bed. Rather than “keeping up” with their most recent posts, as a couple you are now engaged in interceding on their behalf before your Heavenly Father. Also, instead of checking your social media apps, for the next seven days spend those quick moments sending a text to your spouse encouraging them. Tell them how you’re thankful for them, how you’re praying for them, or even how they’re doing in that moment.  

Individuals: A quick glance at social media often becomes the thing we do “in the gaps.” In other words, we have a moment while we are in a line, in a waiting room, right before bed, and even in the bathroom! For the next seven days, delete ALL social media platforms from your device (or don’t type them into your computer), and instead try a few different things. First, if you are in an appropriate public place with others, engage with the people around you. Say hello to the next person in line or waiting room—exercise the lost art of friendliness! Next, while in places where it’s just you (bed, bathroom, etc.) have a different app you check that encourages your walk with Christ. I recommend the app “Solid Joys,” an app that provides quick devotional thoughts each day. Finally, try being still and silent. Psalm 46:10 says “Be still and know that I am God.” This is hard in our fast paced, technology-driven world! Rather than filling your mind with today’s social media updates, seek to be still before the Lord in those “gap moments.” This could look like praying, singing, memorizing scripture, or maybe even nothing!  


Social media can take over our lives if we’re not careful! Fasting from it (or anything else) reminds us that Jesus is satisfying, sufficient, and worth treasuring. Let us know how God is using these tips to stir your affections for Jesus!    

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