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Tech Tip #1: Reduce the amount of your daily “mindless” screen time and replace it with activities that encourage relationship and creativity.

Parents/Grandparents with Kids or Teenagers: During the summer it is easy to fill the hours of the day with screens that provide easy, quick, yet mindless entertainment. As parents, the temptation is to sacrifice meaningful time with our kids for quiet mouths in front of a screen. Over the next 7 days, incrementally reduce your child’s daily screen time and replace it with engaging activity. For example, if your child typically spends 3 hours in front of a screen per day, try reducing that to 1.5 hours. Use your new found time to do something that engages your child. For young kids try going to the park, scheduling a play date, coloring, play doh, having a tea party or picnic, baking cookies—the options are endless! For teens, go out for coffee, take a walk, play catch or a board game, encourage a new skill (wood working, music, baking, cooking, etc.). In short, replace mindless screen time with activity that cultivates creativity and relationship with others.

Couples: We often neglect those closest to us by holding a screen in front of our face. For a lot of us this happens right before we go to sleep! Rather than ending the day with a device in hand or the TV on, for the next 7 days do an activity together as a couple that encourages face to face interaction. For example, keep a simple game by your bed (like Yahtzee or Farkle), read a marriage book out loud together, pray together, eat a snack in bed, ask one another what your “high and low” points of the day were. Any activity that requires face to face conversation, whether it’s spiritual or just fun, will pay huge dividends in your marriage! 

Individuals: After a long day of work many of us resort to scrolling through social media, watching our favorite TV show, online games, and other tech related things. If your job demands that you sit in front of a screen all day, over the next 7 days think about unwinding through activity that requires the use of your hands. For example, start an herb garden with pots, read a fiction novel, go for a bike ride or walk, take up painting or sign up for an art class, write a letter with paper and pen, etc. If your job requires more manual labor, for the next 7 days seek activities that stimulate your mind while also giving your body a rest. For example, read a book or listen to audiobooks, do a crossword puzzle, play solitaire with actual cards, lay out in the sun while listening to an online sermon, etc.   

No matter what spectrum you fall on above, all of these activities offer opportunities to cultivate relationship with God and others as well as encourage healthy forms of rest, rejuvenation, and connectedness.

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This is great. Glad you're adding this component to the e-focus. Thanks for being a resource to the church family.

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