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Whom Shall I Fear?

In the terrifying moments leading up to the surgery, I could almost hear God whispering, “I am your light, I am your salvation; don’t be afraid. I am the stronghold of your life; don’t be afraid.”...

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Yes this blood speaks loader and it speaks atonement for everyone who will receive it....

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Wrecked: Part 2


Parents, do not assume your child is saved just because he/she prayed a prayer...

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Love One Another


This was certainly a great ministry to my family, but bigger than that was the impact this tangible love made on those around us....

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Wrecked: Part 1


The book was having a profound impact on me, but I thought my friend’s description of how the content was affecting him was appropriate – it was “wrecking” me as well -- in the best and most humbling of ways....

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What To Do With Orlando (And, What NOT To Do)


Orlando should remind us to pray, counsel, spread hope, and teach and train our kids how to process events like these in a way that displays hope in Christ....

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5 Tips for Engaging Your Teenager on a Spiritual Level

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Let’s face it: teenagers are difficult. Hormonal changes, fads, trends, shifting friend groups; all of these things can drive you to your knees as a parent! As a student ministries pastor, I have dozens of conversations with parents about engaging their teenager on a spiritual level....

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A Living Hope

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When we awake in the morning we bustle about living our everyday life: Eat. Learn. Work. Play. Repeat. But what do we do when these things don’t deliver? What do we do when our living isn’t producing hope? When our working results in frustration? When our playing proves boring?...

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